New logo, new visual identity,
A brand new look for Ortis!


After much painstaking work, we are proud today to reveal our new logo and new visual identity. This change reflects a new era for Laboratoires Ortis. Why the change? Let us explain.

Our background, our goals

With our roots firmly planted at the heart of the High Fens Nature Reserve, we have been developing safe and effective 100% natural-origin health solutions, since 1958. Owing to our expertise in medicinal plants and their essential role in preserving health, our goal, throughout the decades, has been to promote well-being, for everyone. We encourage everyone to play an active role in their health by connecting with nature and its benefits daily, and sustainably.

Our aim, today, is to consolidate our identity, our role as a pioneer of a natural approach to health. We therefore believed it was important to share, loud and clear, the message of who Ortis truly is.

A new unifying identity

With its recognisable clover and historical red colour, our high-impact, stand-out new logo reflects the fundamentals of Ortis. The clover and “O” for Ortis have merged to create a bold and recognisable emblem. The statement “since 1958” highlights our expertise and Belgian roots. The fine balance between the curve and right angle represents our natural and serious approach, two assets which Ortis passionately nurtures.

Through this new image, we aim to reassert our role, because Ortis is not just a brand.

Ortis is authentic. Our story began more than 60 years ago, and we have continued to remain true to our beliefs and family values ever since. Finding effective solutions is our priority. We have always paid meticulous attention to strict compliance with production regulations, together with high quality ingredients and perfectly portioned plants. Innovation is central to our work as we continually improve our knowledge to develop optimum synergism. We also aim to be useful and allow our consumers to grow as we have faith in their ability to take control of their health.

A gradual change

The new logo was unveiled in September 2020. Over the next weeks and months, we will gradually roll out our new graphic identity on all our communications materials. Our new packaging will gradually appear in sales outlets from the beginning of next year. Don’t worry, Ortis will always be Ortis, but with a contemporary touch and a stronger identity.

Act naturally for your health

Download the new Ortis logo